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Call for Expression of Interest “Developing of Public Relations & Communication Strategy‘’

Call for Expression of Interest “Developing of Public Relations & Communication Strategy‘’


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Call for Expression of Interest “Developing of Public Relations & Communication Strategy‘’

 Terms of Reference 

Network of Organizations for Rural Development of Kosovo (NORDK) is looking to engage a companyor individual consultant for thedeveloping of Public Relations & Communications Strategy

Deadline for applications is 07.04. 2020.

  1. Background Information

‘’P9302 - ADEN Project’’is implemented by Network of Organizations for Rural Development of Kosovo (NORDK) funded and supported by ‘’ We Effect ’’.

The overall objective of the project is:‘Empowerment of the NORDK, as an active,powerful and transparent network that represents interests of its members and CSOs in rural development sector, with special approach on gender mainstreaming ‘

The specific objectives are:

Specific Objective 1: Further organizational development of NORDK;

Specific Objective 2: Implementation of NORDK’s Strategy with special approach in gender mainstreaming;

Specific Objective 3:Protecting, promoting and addressing interests of NORDK members and CSO`s on issues concerning rural development sector and rural community throughsuccessful implementation of advocacy and lobby activities.

Specific Objective 4:Improvement of socio-economic status of women’s

  1. Objectives and scope of the assignment

The overall objective of the service assignment is:

To develop comprehensive PR & Communication Strategy for general needs of NORDK. The overall objective of the communications strategy will be to identify specific objectives for raising awareness amongst the target audiences.

The service provider will work in close cooperation with Project Manager and with executive staff of NORDKand will be expected to undertake the following tasks:

  • The service provider should develop PR and Communication Strategy of NORDK that should:
  • Identify the target audiences;
  • Identify the communication objectives for each targeted audience (stakeholder mapping) at the regional, national and local levels;
  • Assess the communication capacities of all stakeholders;
  • Identify the communication products and activities tailored to each audience;
  • Specify appropriate communication channels, dissemination methods and media such as video, print, web/online media, traditional media, and social media, among others, to effectively communicate key messages to specific stakeholders;
  • Create work plan with clear deliverable outcomes, indicators and tools for the implementation of the strategy. Develop key messages for reproduction in presentations.
  1. Tasks and Responsibilities

- Product / document should be prepared in accordance with ToR/ Contract;

- Document have to be prepared in Albanian language;

 Qualifications and requirements

  • Experience in advocacy and communications planning, including knowledge and work on transparency and governance in the rural development sector, and multi-stakeholder work;
  • Experience of working with (and good contacts with) media organizations and have experience of leveraging coverage from those organizations; ·
  • Understanding of the role of communication in development and ensuring transparency;
  • Experience in supporting and working with organizations – structures with membership;
  • Good knowledge for the work and management of NGOs;
  • Previous working experience with the Network of Organizations for Rural Development, its members or partners.
  1. Delivery and timing

- Develop the PR & communication strategy that include; objectives, target audiences; messages, resources, specific actions, activities and products as described in the Objective of the assignment, including sharing and application of E-Bulletin and social media channels of NORDK

The consultancy contract is expected to start immediately after the signing of the contract.  The service and work should be completed by 17 April 2020.

The total amount of this assignment for 5 working days should not exceed the gross amount of 600EURO.

The payment will be carried out after the completed assignment.

  1. Application procedure

Interested companies/ applicants are advised to submit application for the consultancy assignment no later than: 07 April 2020 to nordk.kosovo@gmail.com or through hard copy documentation in premises of NORDK, street UCK, 21000 Rahovec, Kosovo by  including brief resume of company, cover letter and financial proposal in EUR.