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Logistics Manager

Logistics Manager


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Logistics Manager

“Bp Home Investment” LLC, with its Headquarters in Tophane-Prishtina, Str. Josip Rela 9, is a well-known development and investment company in Kosovo. Company's main operations are in the field of real estate, manufacturing, innovation and technology. Due to our latest agreements with other well-known international companies we are continuously growing and expanding. Hence, we are pleased to offer long-term employment opportunities, with excellent personal and professional development career opportunities for ambitious individuals, committed to reach high professional standards.

  • Position: Logistics Manager
  • Salary: Competitive
  • Duration: Unlimited contract
  • Start date: October, 2019


Main duties of the employee will be as follows:

  • Perform logistic operation, export and import management, international purchase and inventory management, and coordinate with suppliers both foreign and domestic.
  • Maintain international quality standards regarding supply chain, logistics, export/import
  • Drive strategic sourcing initiatives globally to improve quality of products/supplies imported and drive down cost, lead-time and risk across production portfolio.
  • Responsible for managing supplier overhead, efficiency gains, current partner reviews, and future partner recommendations.
  • Provide process expertise to execute sourcing strategies and lead supplier management.
  • Manage opportunity assessments, data analysis, supplier negotiations, and supplier contract execution.
  • Explore new product lines, business developments, supplier support and international trends in relation to company needs and new developments.
  • Understand and document supply/demand capacity dynamics, trends and issues, cost structures, impact of underlying material cost driven trends, and methods and opportunities to lower cost.
  • Manages the quote process to ensure timely processing, accuracy, performance, escalation and approval; negotiates with suppliers or providers to secure best cost or price.
  • Manages the services and performance of vendors, third party providers, and other relationships.
  • Oversee or compute tariffs, price conversions, weight, and volume of moduls/panels/houses exported to foreign destinations.
  • Maximize profitability through superior service to customers/partners, effective and prompt communications, and follow-up of all pending matters with the customer, including changes, scheduling, new regulations, bonding/insurance requirements, and general industry expertise in real estate/construction/off-site
  • Manage all import, export, or transactions and applicable administrative Kosovo and foreign government programs to ensure all paperwork is processed efficiently and in a timely manner, and meets all compliance requirements.
  • Ensure timely clearance and delivery of import/export by monitoring all road, rail, air, ocean, or other modes of shipments through Kosovo customs.
  • Oversee the preparation of Kosovo customs documentation, including but not limited to invoices, bills of lading, shipping statements, receipts, to ensure accurate and complete documents are prepared within designated timeframes.
  • Oversee and maintain the Classification System pertaining to tariff research, binding rules, duty rates, and valuation on import shipments into the Kosovo and are processed timely and efficiently.
  • Interface with Kosovo customs and other governmental agencies at the local and national level to ensure compliance with all pertinent laws and regulations as directed by senior management.
  • Work collaboratively with senior management, finance and IT staff to coordinate systems implementation and design systems for supply chain records; keep abreast of technology innovations.
  • Keep senior management informed of all transaction problems or irregularities.
  • Establish, monitor, revise, document, and communicate all directives, rules, and procedures to staff, for the handling of each account, including schedule of service fees, shipment and booking process, and any other related information.
  • Is highly effective in time management and job coordination;
  • Continuously improves knowledge of company, suppliers, projects, products and services of the company;
  • Continuously improves knowledge of supply/ logistics services/ import /export;
  • Gives recommendations for changes / improvements based on changes in technology / market;
  • Contributes through teamwork to deliver planned/wanted results;
  • Prepares reports and gives recommendations to management;
  • Other duties given by Director, or direct supervisor.


The candidate for the position of Logistics Manager must possess in-depth professional knowledge as well as excellent analytical, coordinative and organizational skills.

  • Previous experience in similar positions for at least 4 years.
  • Demonstrated experience in monitoring trends and markets in terms of prices
  • Experience in real estate / construction sector (could be optional, in case candidate a combination of extensive experience and education in other sectors)
  • Bachelor Degree in relevant fields (Supply Chain Management, Business Administration, Management, etc);
  • Candidate must be proficient both oral and written English;
  • Extremely ambitious, energetic and disciplined at work.

Also, in general candidate should demonstrate pragmatic approach in finding adequate solutions under limited resources, have excellent communication skills (verbally and written); is able to identify priorities; has the ability to act empathetic, patient and prudent with colleagues and parties; is able to work efficiently under time pressure; is able to handle confidential information properly; has excellent skills in using of computer and internet research.

How to apply: Interested candidates should send their CV at: info@bp-home.com

The deadline for submitting of applications is September 15, 2019. Incomplete and late submissions will not be considered.