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Best Vision Balkan L.L.C

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Software developer – four positions

Software developer – four positions


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Programer | Zhvillues i Aplikacioneve

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Job Vacancy announcement – Job title: Software developer – four positions.

The following job vacancy is available within Best Vision Balkan L.L.C in Pristina, one of the branch of Best Vision Group.

Best Vision Group is internationally known for its tried and proven applications intended for banks and financial institutions. The flexible, modular approach, safe and robust, BEST is a very flexible core-banking product, easily adaptable to continuous evolution of the regulatory environment, as well as new and growing demands of the financial markets.

Best Vision Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of software solutions of the latest generation, based on the Web and Java technologies, particularly with regard to Internet banking and Front Office applications. With its offices located in Geneva, Zurich, Lugano, Vienna, Milan and Pristina, Best Vision Holding AG is a provider of high quality software to banks and financial institutions in Switzerland, Italy and countries of central Europe and America.


Candidates who qualify will participate in the international team of maintenance and development of software products aimed at improving the operation of small, medium-sized banks and financial institutions.


Candidates who qualify will have some of the following responsibilities:

  • Software maintenance and solving the identified problems
  • Solving problems encountered in the execution of the program
  • The execution of complex tasks and integration testing
  • Creating, executing and documenting tests to verify that the application meets the requirements and functional specifications.
  • Identifying and resolving problems found during internal verification testing on the user side.
  • Help in defining solutions using SOA principles and integration with Java or C # code using the service
  • Writing software and design documentation
  • Testing Program
  • Collection and analysis required

Required skills:

  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in programming (VB NET, C#, JAVA)
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in standard development environments such as Visual Studio, Eclipse, ...
  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of SOA principles
  • Ability programming software products that are service-oriented architecture (SOA) oriented
  • Experience in client / server development and network programming
  • The ability to find errors and corrections in complex software By the decision
  • Experience in understanding, maintenance and operation of the program code developed by other developers.
  • Ability to communicate (fluency in written and spoken English language)
  • Ability and willingness to learn new technologies and processes
  • The ability to find creative and sometimes unusual solutions

Desirable skills:

  • Visual Studio
  • VB .Net, C #
  • MS SQL, Oracle, Postgres

Qualified and eligible individuals interested in applying for this position may submit an application to Human Resources by no later than 12.08.2018.

Please send your CV by email to info@bestvision.eu.com