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Community Support/Growth Assistant (3)

Community Support/Growth Assistant (3)


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Community Support/Growth Assistant X3

About Connect Support

ConnectSupport is a premier global support solutions provider, headquartered in London, United Kingdom and Prishtina, Kosova.

We take end-to-end responsibility for monitoring, managing and supporting your customers, software and servers.

Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions provides powerful options to address your most difficult challenges. We improve the efficiency of operations, help grow business and enable it to expand into new markets.

Job description:

What does a community support assistant do?

The role of a community support assistant is to support the bridge between a brand and the community it is aiming to create which is managed by the community manager, and to share ideas and innovation towards what is being aimed. (i.e. a loyal audience or group of core consumers connected by a similar interest).

They should be the brand’s ambassador, engaging with potential customers and building relationships with existing ones. They are also focused on gauging sentiment around the brand, using social listening tools in order to monitor feedback and engagement.

This position should not be confused with social media support assistant, a community support assistant is not only focused on sharing posts and interacting with people who react, but will post with the aim of getting customers talking to each other - and this will also be measured through qualitative data, such as sentiment and the level or quality of engagement. But, nonetheless all social media platforms are included on this journey.

Skills and Attributes:

1. Communication

It might sound like an obvious skill, but there’s a difference between being a good writer and someone who is a skilled communicator. Community support assistant is not just about crafting creative or engaging tweets – it’s also about listening to what members are saying and using this to shape future messages. The role is basically digital networking, so it is vital for a community manager to have excellent people skills, too. 

2. Empathy and Judgement

Following on from this, a community support assistant must be able to empathize with the customer and know how to respond in a manner that reflects the brand's values and identity. Again, this is different to a social media assistant who might post as the brand, where as a community support assistant is always speaking on behalf of the brand - and as a human being.

3. Organization and Data Analysis

While community management is based on a lot of human and emotional attributes, it also requires organizational skill and the ability to manage a fast-paced workload. With multiple platforms to monitor, it is important to keep on top of how communities are responding in real-time, using analytics tools to measure things like reach, traffic and engagement. So, one should be able to inspire Growth, Trust and Value for the brand in question among the community it already has and targets.

Essentials Requirements:

  • Hard working, with the ambition to grow and learn.
  • Excellent English, especially in writing.
  • Familiarity with the diversity of social media platforms and messaging platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram Marketing and Community Growth).
  • Familiarity with Blockchain/Crypto movement and Trading is a huge advantage.

Working hours

Due to the nature of the work, you may be expected to work shifts or be on call and it may be necessary to work extra hours to finish a job.

Apply Now:

Please apply by sending your CV to: hr@connectsupport.tech

Phone: 045-999-559